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Videos that works

Videos that work

We believe that media productions needs to be as effective as they are beautiful!
In the end it's all about how well it works on the stakeholders, and how high a ROI it is generating, right?

GrandAd provides a wide pallet of video products. From video strategies, before, under and after the usage - to the concepts, ideas and production.

Always with the primary focus on the effectiveness of the videos and to reach your needs.


Adapt or die!

We watch videos in a totally different way today, than we have been use to. Facebook charge you if the video has been seen on a news feed for 3 second - without sound - without any clicks.

How do you get your video to generate clicks, and get the users to your site?

You need to keep this in mind, when starting producing a movie.

Video strategy

A great movie is never better than the strategy behind it. The times where a movie distributes it self and go viral is over. To make a succesful and effective movie, you need to rethink your movie and make a complete movie strategy adated the new consumer needs.  

Concepts and Ideas

What differences GrandAd from other production agencies, is that we have a 360 degree insight in the consumers behaviors online. From these insights, new concepts develops, and ideas come to life.


GrandAd produce and manage all procedures related the film production and recordings, weather the project is for the client directly, or it’s trough other stakeholders.


GrandAd’s main focus is to deliver above expectations. We want to deliver products we can be proud of, which means that we will push you and ourselves to move the boundaries and make succesful and effective movies.  


Back to the strategy. A effect full movie, is a movie that gets seen. We make digital distribution strategies that helps your movie to go further. 



We believe our work speaks for itself. Browse our most recent projects below.

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Big or small, we’ve got a solution when you need it.